Kitchen is the heart of your home.

You want the kitchen to be functional as well as pleasing and inspiring for you to cook in.

2 tone kitchen
2 tone kitchen design with Maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances, granite counters,tile backsplash and under cabinet lighting

Whether you have a tiny budget or a sizeable budget, a kitchen designer can give you more value and stretch your dollar.

Last week I met a client who was very upset. They had just done their kitchen 5 years back and they had to replace all their cabinets. They had a tight budget and was looking to get value. Her sales person sold them the cheapest cabinets in order to get the sale. They did not understand what they were buying or what was included. Their frustration was they lost a lot of space and the kitchen did not function for them. They still need to store stuff in the basement and my client is sick of running to the basement to get stuff in the middle of cooking. Unfortunately this has happened to a lot of people.


When you have a tight budget, a good designer will work on trying to phase out your renovation and give you the best suggestions so that you can actually save money. Instead of putting so much money into their granite, they should have put more money into their cabinets. After all the granite sits on these cabinets. Now since we are changing the layout to make it more functional, they cannot even reuse their granite. That means lot of money wasted.


A good designer wants the best result for you. They are concerned about providing value to the client so that their clients can fall back in love with their home.