I met a lady recently who was shopping for kitchen cabinets but was only looking at it from a price perspective. When you get multiple quotes, you need to get a detailed description in order to do an apple to apple comparison.


As part of our discussion, I asked her about  her preferred door style and finish and was surprised to see that she did not have any information about it. All she was told was that  she was  getting “All wood cabinets” with raised panel doors. She also did not know about the type of wood that was being used for the cabinet doors.


What does All wood cabinets mean?

In the cabinet industry, only the face frames and doors are made of wood. The actual cabinet boxes are made of either MDF or Plywood.  Generally when someone says all wood, most dealers mean a plywood box with either Oak, Birch, Maple or Cherry doors.


I had also shown her 2 types of pull outs that is used. She knew she was getting pull outs but didn’t  know that there were different options.


When I explained things,  she went back to the dealer and found out that she was getting maple doors with MDF for that price.


It is a fact that  “You get what you pay for“. At the end of the day, you do pay more for a better product – which in turn will last you a lifetime.


It is important to know what you are getting for your money.


A designer tries to show you products that are within your budget. She tries to get you the best product for the investment you are willing to make.


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