Today we are at a crossroads in our country. More than half of us unhappy and afraid of what is to come.


I’m trying desperately to understand why people HATE Hillary Clinton so much. She has done so much fighting for children’s rights, women’s rights- I see her as a HERO & I’m thankful for her service.


I can see the republican’s rolling their eyes- Don’t get me wrong-  I’m not saying that she is a saint, no politician is ever one. No politician would ever move forward being a saint.


Moreover, nothing has been proved against her.


As for our next president- not only is he the least prepared for the oval office, he has been outright offensive to women, to people with disabilities, our LGBT friends, Blacks, Hispanics. Does this mean that every single person who has voted for Trump is OK with a world like this?


That is one scary world.


Now the Trumps are going to be representing America when they go around the world. Melania Trump is going to be representing American women.


While we are mourning or dealing with our new reality, we need to accept 1 thing.

We have to take care of ourselves. We have to take care of each other.

We have to reach out – help each other & support each other.


We need to set a better example of supporting our democracy. Our kids are learning from us- they are seeing & experiencing the hatred everywhere.

Is this the world that we truly want?

I’m a 1st generation migrant who came to the US. Initially it was difficult to get used to a new culture and be so far away from home. It takes time to embrace a new culture and fall in love with a new place. Its not easy to feel at home. But we have been extremely lucky. Everyone whom we met embraced us & loves us for who we are. We never had to be conscious of our skin color or the way we look. It was enough to do good & be good.

So we fell in Love with this great nation & decided to settle here. We wanted to make a home where we felt safe, where we could invite and entertain all our friends and family. We belong here. After going away on a vacation, when we come home- It feels like “HOME”.

My home hugs me back with the Love I have put in.


And I want everyone to have that feeling of belonging & safety.


I’m proud to call myself an American. My country is full of people who accept each other, embrace different cultures, supporting each other. This is the magic place where anyone can attain success if you are ready to work for it.


Unfortunately everyone doesn’t feel safe & at home now. As a mother of a teenage son, I worry for how the world is changing around me. Is someone going to start seeing my son in a different way? Is he going to be safe?


A lot of stuff is beyond our control.


But we can still feel safe in our homes. Today more than ever we need our safe haven, our sanctuary which no one can take away from us. And that is still in our hands.

I’m glad that we invested in our home & family. Today if I want to take a few minutes to unwind and be myself, or meditate for a little- I have my safe haven.

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When you come home, I want you to have your sanctuary, your SAFE haven


Design a central space where your family can come together and enjoy the small pleasures of life. Design a special corner for yourself, where you can curl up on a chair with that warm cozy blanket, your puppy lying by your legs reading a novel or just sipping hot chocolate.


Invest in a luxurious chair, maybe a beautiful flower arrangement, unique window treatments that helps you smile everyday.


Maybe your Dream Kitchen- where you can cook some delicious healthy food for your family & pamper them. Because we all know that you are the QUEEN in your home.


Take care of yourself, that’s how you take care of others.



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