Hi, I’m an Interior Designer living in Monmouth county, NJ. I love showing my clients how to bring their personality into the room in a some unexpected way.

This week I’m so excited about my 2 custom upholstered chairs that just came in. I really liked these Hickory craft chairs.  I fell in love with this fabric & wanted to use it. Since the fabric was very busy I was a little afraid of how it would turn out. I knew I didn’t want the same fabric all over so decided to use a deep chocolate fabric on the sides & on the welting. Using a different fabric on the welting always makes the original fabric POP!!! I love how things turned out. I have to say these upholstered chairs are so comfortable & I really liked the height of the chair.

Custom upholstered chair- Hickory craft
Custom upholstered chair- Hickory craft


There is a beauty in investing in custom upholstered chairs or in custom furniture. Since this is better quality than the $800 chair that you buy from Raymor & Flannigan or big ox stores, you can pass it on to the next generation & they will also value it. These custom upholstered chairs will definitely last you a lot longer & they are much more comfortable than a regular chair. Why wouldn’t you want something which is of more value for the next 10 years?

Don’t be afraid to do something different. If you love a fabric, use it. If you are not sure whether it’ll be too much, use it on a chair like I did. This fabric on an entire sofa wouldn’t have come out so good. But for a chair it is perfect.
Embrace your individuality, your culture, the essence of you & your family. Show that in the world. After all no 2 people are alike, not even Twins.

If you need help figuring out your style & how to use that in a room, give me a call. Let me help you Design the Heart of your Home!!!

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