I’m obsessed about window treatments these days. I have been helping some clients with their overall design plan.

I believe in making your HOME an extension of who YOU are & what you stand for. Finding out who you are is a journey.


Here is an example of a window. This young lady has exquisite taste. She has already invested in finding out what colors work for her and  has decorated her bedroom. The only thing she had left was to invest in window treatments.


Here is what we know

1) She wants to stick to the neutral color scheme

2) She loves the view from her window & enjoys the light that she gets in the morning & afternoon when she works from there

3) Privacy was an issue since the next building is close by.

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I gave her 3 different options as she did not have a budget in mind.

1st version is a more streamlined, transitional look with a simple cornice. Adding a top treatment to the window always makes the window look larger than it is. I personally love adding tassel trims. They dress the windows & makes the entire treatment  much more elegant.


The 2nd and 3rd option are based on a more traditional look. Different kind of swags and jabots are used in these treatments. Adding a roman shade gives it a very different look & also gives her privacy. This way she doesn’t have to keep moving the panels.

Roman shades are an excellent way to layer your window treatments. When you have a goal, you can make a plan of what you want to accomplish & do that in stages.

If you are cash strapped,  initially do the roman shades and add the rest of the treatments later.


If you live in Monmouth, Middlesex or Ocean counties in NJ and want a window treatment consult, give me a call. Let me help you create a HOME you LOVE.


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