Are you ready for change?


Business and life coaches frequently ask this question.


We all know that change is inevitable, and in response, we either embrace or resist shifts in our life.  Not knowing what lies ahead can become anxiety provoking, but changing our mindset can free us from these anxieties.


De-cluttering your home is a great and simple change. I do believe that a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. When this happens, we lose focus on our goals and let go of our priorities. I often end up like a puppy dog chasing after squirrels—constantly distracted. It also works the other way around. I have noticed that when I have a scattered mind, it starts to show in my environment. It finally reaches a point where unless I get rid of the clutter and organize my life, I cannot seem to concentrate.


Have you ever had this experience?

First, we need to look at how the clutter problem emerges.

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Built in storage in a master bedroom


Did you just purchase that great piece of art you saw at the store, not knowing where you could possibly use it? We all end up with tons of stuff like that when we do not have a plan. When we don’t have an idea of where we are going or what we are moving towards, it’s difficult to know what to buy.


Time after time, we make these in-the-moment decisions, and everything ends up looking like clutter.

Instead, try to go in with a proper plan. That way, you can make the necessary purchases and it will all come together to solve the room’s problems.


While everyone I work with has excellent taste, not everyone knows how to put it all together. This is one area where a designer ends up helping home owners save tons of money. Think about it—you are always spending money, and often on things you don’t need or use. These purchases end up being costly mistakes. And at the end of the day you don’t have an environment that speaks to you, touches you, or become an extension of who you are.


Designers solve problems like clutter, lack of storage space, and overall lack of cohesion in a room. When these are addressed, you can put everything together, creating a room that is an extension of you and your personality! In a room that looks and feels right, you can be energized and inspired every day, helping you achieve your goals and live your ideal life in your ideal home.


Besides adding equity to your home, working with a designer solves problems, adds function to the room, and gives you your sanctuary. Together, you and your designer can create a place where your family can come together and bond, making wonderful memories.


Adding built in storage always adds value to your home. In the renovation above, we added the built in storage with the entertainment area as well as by adding bench seating with storage. so the big comforters and throw pillows can be stored in there.


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When you have a well-designed room, people will notice. Your family and friends will want to spend time in this room, encouraging relationships to develop. You will feel like the ruler of your own personal kingdom, finding sanctuary in your ideal room. Confidence comes from knowing everything in your home has a purpose. There is no clutter in your room, your mind, or your life, and now you may be ready to pursue other changes!


So get started. De-clutter your home, de-clutter your mind, and let me help you find your sanctuary.

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