Can one person make a difference in the world? What about when a whole lot of people come together?


I had ordered a few water bottles to say Thank you and honor some of my friends who put in a lot of effort for our pickleball club.  If you ever meet them, you will  fall in love with each one of them because they are such a wonderful group.

Meet my friends –

Walter has a love affair with both pickleball & coffee. Ceil is always smiling and happy.

Jan married his high school sweetheart and cares deeply for his wife.  Chip has the purest largest heart and will help anyone anytime.

My hubby who is the Love of my LIFE.

Sue who is more fit in her 70’s than me in my 40’s. Katherine who is an Emmy award winner and hugely talented.

Kim, our pickleball guru who brought all of us together.


We had been to a tournament in Philadelphia. At the tournament they were giving out free water, a very nice and thoughtful gesture on the part of the organizers. Right?

But it resulted in so much plastic trash. Can we have prevented this?

Yes, they could have used the water dispenser instead of the water bottles that everyone was throwing away. They could have even sold their water bottles and given away the free water.

My intention is not to be critical, but to suggest a more mindful solution.


Time for some truth – Isn’t this how we are treating our environment?

Without a care in this world. What are we leaving for the next generations? 


What is an action I could take that could result in a change? I decided to buy more of my water bottles and distribute it to my pickleball club members. I have been giving away one bottle per family, under the condition that they  have to tell at least 1 more person to use reusable bottle.


Now instead of 1 person, I have close to 50 more people who are spreading this message. When we find like-minded people who come together, we can make huge changes in the world. My friends care about this environment which we live in.


This is one of the things I’m trying to practice in life. Being mindful of the companies that I work with, doing things once and doing it right the 1st time. When we choose better quality products, we end up  saving money and minimize wasting earth’s resources.


Here’s to making this world a more beautiful place.


So what can you do today that could lead to making this world a more beautiful place?

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