Thanksgiving is right around the corner & it has always been 1 of my favorite holidays. Whats there not to love? Its all about food and family.

And the one day people actually remind themselves to be thankful for all that we have. Growing up in India we never had a day called “Thanksgiving”. I do remember that it used to be much simpler times then. When we came here initially, this is the one holiday that spoke to me more than any other.

Everyone in the family makes a conscious effort to get together. And my WHY to what I do has always been about bringing people together. I remember we used to go to Chicago where our extended family lived. Now part of our family has moved to Houston, so we dont all get together for Thanksgiving.

The past few years we have been spending Thanksgiving with Amma, our spiritual guru. This year however she is going to be in Michigan after Thanksgiving. So I have my brothers and sisters from our spiritual family coming over.

Hope you are all going to be surrounded by your friends and family as well.

I dont generally do Black Friday- but this year wanted to do something special.

I feel grateful for all that I have been blessed with. I  live in a beautiful home surrounded by the people who make me happy. And that is pretty powerful for any woman. Inherently we are all about our families, and having a home that we are proud of, a home where you dont feel embarrased to welcome people to can be powerful for a woman.

I wish that for you. And being an avid cook myself, I wish for you to have your beautiful dream kitchen. Lets make this happen.

In order to win, describe your dream kitchen in the comments below. More you can tell me, better your chances to win.

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