Are you looking for something new to try and create your own art in your home?

If so you are in the right place. This episode of Koffee Break you might just feel inspired to create your own art. If this is not your thing, it might help you appreciate Art in a different way.


I believe having the right art finishes the room and because of this I devote an entire step in my 9 step process to art.

Biggest tip I can give you-

Don’t just buy a piece of art simply because it’s on sale.  

Especially when you don’t even know what the painting is or what it conveys to you. If a piece of art speaks to you, then by all means buy that.

Every piece of art also brings about a different feel as you are looking at it. Today Steve McCready is going to demonstrate how to paint using alcohol ink.

Steve McCready is a psychotherapist turned coach & he helps entrepreneurs master their game by day and he creates art by alcohol ink as well as oil paint at night

In this episode I also show some of the paintings I have done.  Oil painting, Nib painting and knife painting. Each one brings in a different energy and gives a different feel.

1 of those is an oil painting on velvet & each stroke is made with different nibs.

This painting took me months to complete as its very detailed. I have used small beads to the flowers and I’m hoping that when people see this they can appreciate the love I put in to this one. Watch the episode to see these paintings.


The Ganesha painting is a knife painting oil technique which I learned from my aunt, so this particular one is very meaningful to me. This is as abstract as I have gotten so far. Since I painted I have a different respect for art. An artist puts a part of his soul into every piece he creates.

But now I’m inspired to try out the alcohol ink after following Steve McCready on Facebook.


Steve McCready’s Art

Art can be very healing for someone, so I would love for you to try some form of art.

Maybe that’s not your thing, but you do enjoy art. So please help support artists and find out their stories. Surround yourself with art that you find meaningful. Connect with Steve McCready on facebook or follow him on Instagram. I just love how the colors work together to create something all by itself.

Steve McCready – Alcohol ink

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