I had so much fun with Ann Hampton that we decided to continue our conversation. So far if you missed the 1st episode we talked about how Ann tricked an Iranian to marry her. She wasn’t clear on what she wanted or who she was. I was totally stunned to hear her say that he did not trick her, but she tricked him. That takes so much courage, so much guts to admit.

Author of How to eat the elephant
Author of How to eat the elephant


From that how did she get to where she is now? Watch this episode as Ann talks about the rest of her story with her charm and sense of humor. I had a blast with this wonderful woman and hope you find some inspiration as well. Now she loves her life, she lives her life to the fullest, is a loving wife, a parent and her daughter just got married in Spain. In order to be of service to your family and to this society we have to first find ourselves.


If you enjoy watching her, check out her book- How to Eat the Elephant:  Build Your Book in Bite-Sized Steps.

As a book coach, she helps speakers and coaches write and publish books that attract oodles of clients.


If you are interested in owning your  thoughts, opinions, and feelings, then you will enjoy Ann’s blog at www.annsheybani.com


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