We started with some good bones. However lot of things were not upto code especially this fireplace. In fact it was a fire hazard. We were working on a couple of different rooms for this dynamic young couple who decided to invest in a fixer upper. We didnt knock down any walls on this project, but we re shuffled the use of the rooms so that it would flow better for this young couple who moved in with their elderly parents.

Since the mother had asthma, we had to make sure everything was done prior to them moving into the house. So we planned on everything as soon as their offer got accepted. We had a tight deadline and needed to finish multiple rooms.

In the living room we splurged on the fireplace area and the custom window treatments. We were able to use the furniture they already had, so we saved a lot of money that way. In the future, they can always invest in something else.

Watch the video to see the transformation in this room as well as the other rooms.