I have always loved a little bit of sparkle, whether its by adding a chandelier or selecting a wall paper with a little bit of sparkle.

bling toilet bling chandelier sequined backsplash

So I might never actually buy the sparkly toilet even though it looks fabulous. I have used some sparkly elements in the backsplash and of course in lighting.


I do love the actual sparkle in real jewelry. My eyes always go to that piece of jewelry which someone is wearing whether its a ring, a bracelet or a necklace. I was going to just buy one piece of jewelry from my friend to support her business and ended up falling in love with the Touchstone jewelry by Swarovski. I wanted to buy everything she had, so she told me that I could actually get a lot of the jewelry for free if I worked as a consultant.

claire pendant dazzle pendant filigree medallion

I have seen many direct selling business ventures but was never drawn to any. However I loved this product. Also the fact that these are things which I have always stood for

1) Good quality product for a good price. Swarovski gives you the limited life time warranty for your product as long as you take good care of it.

2) The direct selling side of this is helping a lot of women become independent and helping them find themselves. I have always been someone who talks about living your purpose and hanging out with the right peeps. This gives a lot of women to get together with their girl friends and have a good time & shop together while supporting each other.

3) My main reason- The last piece of jewelry that I received from my dad was 5 years ago. He had been to Singapore on a trip and brought me, my sister in law and my mom a piece of jewelry each and guess what? that was by Swarovski. I still have that and will treasure it forever. Even after 5 years, its still in great condition, sparkly as it was originally.

emerald isle necklace mosaic necklace shimmy necklace

If I can help you find that one piece which you need either to make a statement or an everyday wear let me know.¬† We have pieces fit for a red carpet or to be on stage giving a fabulous presentation or just a shopping trip to your local BJ’s.

To select your jewelry, go to http://sites.touchstonecrystal.com/sites/warrior

When you order, please put Remya as your host.


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