When you start with good bones, there isn’t much you have to do in order to make it spectacular.  This was the room which my clients fell in love with when they bought this home.


Everytime we look at any room we always start with 3 steps.

1) Accessing priorities – We look at goals, lifestyle choices and problems to solve

2) Finding pictures to find what the clients would really enjoy

3) Figuring out a reasonable budget


Our main issue in this room were the floors. The previous owners had put in slate floors and the installation was less than perfect. We know we had to cover those floors. Getting a nice custom rug was our no:1 priority.


They already had a sectional from another room which worked perfect in this space. Because of this we saved a lot of money. Adding the white curtains from Bed bath & beyond was also a huge money saver. We knew we wanted to get an ottoman, since we couldnt find 1 in the perfect size, we added 2 of them. This works better in the room, since they all love to put their legs up.



We found this media console & the Ottoman from Wayfair. This is the only wall where you can see the paint- which was inspired from their wedding colors.


I love what we were able to accomplish with this makeover. If this was in my home, I would also be spending a lot of time in this spectacular room. IMG_0466a


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