Here is one renovation which I got to do for myself. Whenever we are doing a room, it is about finding the likes & dislikes of the person we are doing the room for. This exercise usually makes us ask oneself as to who we are & what do we want the room to tell about ourselves.

This is what I started with. I had done this room 11years ago when I had a faux finishing business. I enjoyed painting the free hand vines & all the fruits. I have gotten lot of compliments over the years for this room.


But this is no longer whom I have become. So decided to change everything. So here is the plan. Planning stage is the most important part of any ReDesign. Getting the window treatment right was of outmost importance.

dining-roomI wanted to try & use beige & still make the room look good. I wanted the window treatment to be the focal point. The window is a little towards one side. Instead of using just 1 or 2 fabrics, I wanted to use 4 different fabrics. All these fabrics bring about a different texture to the room as well as a different pattern. I have been admiring this chandelier for quite some time now, so it was great to use it for myself.


gorgeous-pattern-2I also wanted to do something different on the ceiling. So I decided to use this wall paper on the ceiling. Wall paper hanger was surprised that I decoded to use this on the ceiling instead of the wall. I think he did a good job with all the seams. As the light hits it, we can see a light shine on this wall paper.

I’m still waiting for my metal foil scones to come in before I can post the After pictures.

Here is what I have so far from the renovation.


So keep tuned in for the After pictures!!!


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