Tips on creating a Glam powder room


Powder rooms are extremely tough to photograph. This one was pretty tiny and my photographer had to pose in different ways to get me these pictures.

The photo sessions tend to get pretty crazy and funny when this happens.


Here are some tips to giving your bathroom a glam look

1.Sink and vanity- When you have a tiny powder room, a glass top vanity and vessel sink makes it look lighter and more spacious. If you like a modern look, select a simple vanity that mounts to your walls. This frees the leg room and makes the room look larger.

This picture was sourced from HGTV


2.Lighting – Lighting is a key step in getting whatever look you want. In this tiny bathroom we have added overall lighting as well as wall sconce above the mirror. That helps in setting the tone and lights up the room while providing some shadows. This helps add some drama and interest in the room.


Sourced this picture from Pinterest-


For more lighting ideas, check out my Pinterest board

3.  Wall finishes – You can easily change the walls to create an instant impact.

Here are 3 different ways to tackle this project-

a) Paint- Change your paint color based on the kind of look and feel that you want. You can also add to that by using metallic paints. If you are up for it, try a faux finish technique to create more depth to your walls. Here is a blog from Sherwin Williams about adding depth and creating texture.

b) Wall paper- Wall paper is back big time and its easy to find peel and stick wall paper you could use for your project. Find a pattern you like and if need be, add some rhinestones to give it a more blingy look. Want some inspiration? Check out this Pinterest board I created just for you.

c) Stencils- These days we can find stencils in your local big box stores or craft stores. Stencil a pattern and then stick the rhinestones. If not you can certainly shop online for stencils and get them shipped right to your home.


4. Mirror – There are a lot of mirrors that you can get in all shapes and sizes. Choose a mirror that helps tell your story and your style. The most difficult part of any make over is making sure that you know what story it is you are trying to say and bringing all the elements of a room together. This is where most people make mistakes. If you need a little help figuring out your story and bringing all the elements together, check  out my Design package. That will be perfect for you.

For more mirror inspiration check out this pinterest board


5. Towels and Accessories-

Its easy to redecorate your bathroom by changing out your accessories.

Instead of just 1 towel, add a few. This makes your powder room feel more luxurious. When you are entertaining, guests always appreciate it when you add more towels. In our power room we have a built in area where we can keep a couple of towels handy for guests. When you have a tight bathroom, its more difficult to find spaces where you could do this. You can always keep a tray above the closet and add neatly folded hand towels. I go to Home Goods and Pier 1 imports to get my accessories.

Apart from towels, its also good to add bath mats to add and carry out the same color scheme. It also helps giving that plush look to the hard floor.

Now lets talk about adding different accessories like these that not only add function but helps in creating more glam to the room.


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