On this month’s Koffee Break I’m having Wendy Woloshchuk show us her 5 tips on Fall Decorating. I have to admit, I had a hard time getting her last name right. I had to practise a few times before we started recording & even after that made a mistake pronouncing her name. So we had to start recording again.
Thank God for editing softwares. I have also been doing some Facebook Lives and on that, there is no eiditing, the mistakes are there for everyone to see…Ha!
Till now I have never featured a guest blog on my website. I asked her if she would like to be the 1st person to do that for me & she agreed. afterall these are all her tips and she is sharing these ideas. Its only fair if the content generated is also hers.
I really had a blast on this Koffee Break & LOVE that this one is full of tips for you. I even named Wendy the “Tip Queen“.


Since Wendy Woloshchuk established her award winning interior design firm, Details Full Service Interiors, over 10 years ago, her down to earth approach has transformed homes across the country, both online and in person.


She loves to mix styles and break the rules to create personalized homes for her clients,

Rooted in the belief that everyone deserves a functional home that they’re proud of, Wendy uses her practical approach to create personalized, memorable spaces for her clients to enjoy with family and friends. That’s where the tagline “Interior Design for the way YOU live!” comes from.


Her work has been featured in numerous publications as well as online. Wendy does a daily Facebook Live series called DAILY DETAILS.

Besides being passionate about interior design & her family, she also has an obsession with the New England Patriots, country music and her dog.
Enjoy Wendy’s Blog-
How Your Fall Décor Can Last Until Thanksgiving


Pumpkin spice everything, apple picking, falling leaves, all of these things conjure up warm and cozy feelings of fall.

For some, fall means it’s time to decorate for Halloween, but I like to decorate for fall instead. When you stick to fall décor, you only have to decorate once, not twice, in 3 months. The decorations can go from September right up to Thanksgiving when you put up your holiday decorations.


Here are my 5 tips for decorating for FALL –


1. As with all holiday decorating, I always recommend to remove some everyday décor before adding the holiday décor.

Otherwise, it gets too cluttery and you don’t get to enjoy what you’re adding. It gets lost in your everyday accessories.

I like to pack the everyday décor in the box that the holiday décor came out of. That way when you take out the box to pack your holiday décor away, you can just swap it out with your everyday décor.

In the picture below I swapped out the spheres in the glass jars for gourds. You could use small pinecones or acorns or mini pumpkins too. You could also add some leaves to the mantel.

Mantle before swapping out new decorations

I also swapped out the large floor vases for mums. I put one of the mums in a basket in order to have varying heights. You could also put mums in a carved out pumpkin, or you could add sticks from your yard, or faux wheat to the vases. A big basket with logs in it would also be pretty on the hearth.

2. Add cozy blankets and pillows for texture and warmth.

You can add fluffy, woven throws and tweed pillows. You can use faux fur or fleece or wool. Blankets and throws are practical for warmth, but they also warm up the room. If you have sheer draperies you can swap them out for something with more texture, even burlap is an inexpensive swap. You can also add burlap table runners to your surfaces. The basket in the picture above also added some texture to the room. You can wrap your lampshades in burlap or even cover it with an old sweater. Adding texture to your space makes it feel warm and cozy.


3. Use pumpkins and mums instead of jack-o’lanterns and skeletons.  

By using pumpkins and mums the decorations will last until Thanksgiving. You won’t have to take them down at the end of October. Make sure you water the mums, though. You can add Halloween decor if you like, but have some fall decor so that you have something left when you take down the Halloween décor.  

4. Use fall items that are in your home’s color scheme

You don’t have to use orange and black to be seasonal. In the picture above I used the pale green and white pumpkins instead of orange to coordinate with the colors already in the room. 

5. Add scents of the season 

Scents trigger memories. What scents remind you of autumn? What are your favorites? The pinecones in the picture are cinnamon scented and just smell like fall. You can make your own cinnamon pinecones by rolling the tips of the pinecones in white glue and then rolling in the cinnamon. You can also use apple or pumpkin scents for fall, whatever your favorites are. Think of the season and think of what scents remind you of that season.



  1. Add one whimsical item.  

When I decorate any space I always try to add one whimsical, quirky item. Your décor doesn’t have to be so serious. Add some fun. That’s what we did with the owl on the mantel in the pictures. Add some personality. I like to find out personal stories from my clients. I had a client once that liked to watch Emeril and his kids would sneak down the stairs and watch it with him. When we did his kitchen renovation I added BAM to the corner of his kitchen counter. I had a dance client teacher and I added musical notes to her bookshelf. People should know something about you when they look around your home. People can get to know you by checking out your accessories.

Add a whimsical item

 Bam in the kitchen for Emeril's fan as a surprise


Don’t forget to put away some of your everyday décor so you can replace it with your seasonal décor. Think about decorating seasonally, not just for specific holidays.  Give it a try. You’ll only have to decorate a few times a year!  


For more great decorating and design tips you can follow Wendy on her Facebook page – www.fb.com/DetailsFullServiceInteriors 


You can also read more helpful blog posts like this one at www.DetailsFullServiceInteriors.com/blog 


To find out more about Wendy and her Services go to www.DetailsFullServiceInteriors.com 






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