I have been wanting to bring a Feng Shui expert on Koffee Break, so when I met Marina Umali I approached her to come on as my guest.


Marina is a licensed Interior Designer and a certified Feng Shui Practitioner practicing in New York and New Jersey. She is a red ribbon professional member of The International Feng Shui Guild and is currently completing her third year serving on the board.


In this episode I ask Marina to evaluate my Feng Shui radar on a current project – a home office design I’m working on as well as my own guest bedroom.

Would you like to know how I’ve fared?

Watch this episode where you will learn Feng Shui tips which you can incorporate into your home.

My dad knew both Feng Shui as well as Vaastu shastra. I wish I had learnt a little bit from him when I had the chance.


My passion for design began with our 1st bed room renovation when I realized how much it really affected our daily life. Until then ours was a plain bedroom with nothing much going on. There was no romance, no drama in the bedroom. It was very plain Jane. And our lives was also a reflection of that.

Ever since we redid our bedroom I used to get up, look around and smile. And that started making a huge impact in my life. After that I have studied the impact design actually has in our lives. Our sub conscious ends up making so many of our decisions for us & when we are surrounded by clutter, that also affects us in a negative way.


guest bedroom with good feng shui with bed in command position and 2 nightstands


In this episode Marina shares her 5 Feng Shui tips which we can incorporate in our bed rooms. Click here to connect with Marina on Houzz  & check out her website.

Our bedrooms affects all our relationships and our ability to communicate with our partner. It also has the ability to attract a partner, not to mention have a restful good nights sleep.  Our Health, Wealth and Wellness is affected by good bedroom design.  Bring your bedroom in alignment with what you really want to achieve and you will start seeing a difference.


Marina also shares her 5 tips for good bedroom design.

5 feng shui tips to change the energy of your bedroom






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