Tammy is the lovely girl who helps me out at Creative displays.


Are you in the market for new Living room or Family room furniture?


If so, you don’t want to miss this furniture sale at Creative Displays. This is a designer warehouse where we shop for fabulous finds. Have you ever wondered how Designers are able to create spaces that look and feel so good?  

A sofa is something that lasts you a long time, and you are probably going to sit on it everyday for the next 10 years or so. So why not get something that is comfortable and unique that will support you to live the lifestyle that you want. 


When I see a good deal, I need to tell the whole world about it. This sale is on only for this week, so make sure you call & make an appointment today.


Make a statement with your furniture and feel like a Diva. You have earned this!


Imagine coming home to this sofa where you can cozy up with your boyfriend/ husband and watch your favorite TV shows.

Imagine that you are having your girlfriends over and having some girl time- God knows we all need that! How great would it be to have that warm & comfortable space to hang out with your loved ones.


furniture, interior design, interior designer, nj

Remya Warrior, Interior designer, furniture, custom furniture, nj


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