Picture this – You are walking into a huge open concept kitchen with a huge island. There is a coffee station to the side as you are brewing your morning coffee. Meanwhile you need to get eggs from your refrigerator to make your healthy breakfast.

Does that sound like your morning routine?

Maybe right now you don’t have the big open concept kitchen with the big island. Reality check – kitchen still looks outdated & stained. The drawers don’t work properly & get stuck as you are trying to maximize your time in the morning. Curse words flying around instead of a serene morning. 


Point is you can easily accomplish your goals. Let us help you

Today’s kitchens are meant to be a sophisticated space just like you deserve. 

A space for everything, whether its your coffee station or a bar area or a mini bar fridge where you have all the kids drink and soda stored. 


Lets see how we can turn your modest kitchen into a sophisticated place for your modern lifestyle!

1.) Make your fridge ‘disappear’ ( Appliance panels which makes your appliances disappear) 



Whether you are a design fanatic or you just enjoy fine appointed details, there is nothing like integrated refrigeration that blends seamlessly with your cabinetry. Aside from refrigerators, renowned makers now also feature other appliances that can seamlessly disappear into your kitchen furnishings. New handles, minimal lines on refrigerator facades and controls that disappear are just a few of these amenities that you will love.


2) Creating visual impact with different layers of cabinetry instead of everything at the same level. Its easy to create something unique in the kitchen to match your personality. Not every kitchen need to be a white shaker kitchen. 



3) Create a s








3. Create a small space for your small appliances that you use on a daily basis

Everyone wants their kitchen to have a simple and clean look. You probably use your small appliances on a daily basis & want them near by. How about adding an appliance garage to your kitchen? This way you don’t have to carry them & put them away in your pantry.






4) Innovate with the lighting setup

Instead of just having can lights in the room, lets bring some drama by using different lighting sources like chandeliers, pendant lights and under cabinet lights. When you have a large island, instead of 3 pendant lights, you could do 2 mini chandeliers. Under cabinet lights always helps to shine light on your backsplash or a beautiful countertop. These days we seem to be installing more and more LED lights- they last lot longer & uses very little electricity.















5) Mix synthetic with natural 


Incorporate both synthetic and natural materials in your kitchen to create an atmosphere that mixes the modern and the classic. For instance, you can create a sleek and finished look by pairing simple white cabinets with natural wood countertops and granite or marble counters. Sometimes we see the use of recycled glass counters as they are not porous. 


6) Make your kitchen into a tech savvy space

Many brands have now taken the innovation that you love in your tech gadgets and brought them to the kitchen! You’ll love tech-savvy features such as dual convection, curved back walls in their ovens, a third halogen lamp inside the oven, LCD screens, preset categories. Who knew we’d get to a point where “finger-swipe” technology could also be used in your kitchen? 











7) A charging station at your finger tips – picture from rev-a shelf

These days I’m not able to function without a phone. Even while cooking, I’m still multi tasking on the phone. Many times my phone runs out of charge & need to be able to charge as I’m talking to a client. A charging station hidden away in the drawer is the perfect solution to this problem. 



8) Upgrade your coffee station 

I love my coffee in the morning and cannot function without it. If you are a lover of coffee and you consume it practically everyday, wouldn’t it be a great idea to splurge a little on a proper coffee station? Find a fully integrated system that cleans itself, has better storage, and has advanced features like steaming milk, a wide range of coffee pots, and a bigger brewing size. A coffee shop right inside your kitchen! 











9) A desk area 

Have you gotten hit with late payment charges? I have because I failed to see a bill that came in. How about having a dedicated desk area where you can organize the mail & get to the check book in time? Think of how much less late payment charges you will be hit with.













Do you want to transform your kitchen into an innovative space? We’ll help you get there! Book a consultation with us! 


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