This is perfect for you if you already own a lot of furniture and furnishings. And you just need a little help pulling things together.

This can also be perfect for you if you want to implement and manage your project by yourself and just want a designer to be your coach.

An in home consultation to give you inspiration and advice you need to create a unique look. We can talk about paint selections or furniture arrangement or whatever you like. You get to pick my brain for 2 hours.

For Larger projects our design consultation starts with this package. This is more than a meet and greet. I get to understand the layout of your home, your dreams and aspirations for the space and it allows me to start coming out with ideas. If you are unsure of whether we are a good match, this is a wonderful opportunity to pick a designers brain for a very low investment from your side.


Remya has a high level of integrity, a keen attention to detail and an impecable level of customer service. I recommend Remya highly to anyone who understands the value and rarity of these traits in today’s marketplace.                       – Steve,  NJ