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Hi I’m Remya Warrior & I’m so glad that you found me.

I help women who love to cook & entertain turn their space into their DREAM HOME. When you don’t have a space that reflects your values and unique self-expression, will you feel inspired to do your best work?

My passion is for women to uncover their dreams, discover their true self-expression, transform their world to reflect their unique aspirations, and ultimately, be able to do their best work.

I believe in working with my ideal clients and telling their story. Dreams represent our innermost desires .I help you envision what your space can look like before you start spending thousands of dollars on things that you do not resonate with. You save a lot of headache, time and resources. I don’t want to just give you any space – I want to give you your DREAM HOME.

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Your DREAM HOME aligns with your family, which expresses its own lifestyle and value system. You are naturally drawn to elements based on who you are. When you really get to know yourself, you can see why you resonate with certain people.

I also believe in hanging out with the right people. As Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I started my interview/webinar series, Koffee Break because I want to hang out with positive people who believe in fulfilling their destiny.

Come and join me and my awesome friends for KOFFEE BREAK, every Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm Eastern Time, starting June 3rd.

Did you know that peacock feathers represents nobility, holiness, beauty, wealth & kindness? Peacock feathers eliminates negative energy & brings in positive energy


  • We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our family room.  Remya brought it from dark and dull to a room that is inviting and comfortable.She considered our budget, and truly helped us attain our goal of doing a lot, without breaking the bank.Remya’s attention to detail is impressive.  She did a great job for us.
  • Remya was a pleasure to work with and is clearly and expert in her craft. We saved over 30% over the other quotes we received and our wallets appreciated it! Remya helped us select EVERYTHING for our brand new kitchen and provided amazing, top-notch customer service. She was very vested in our project and was even in our home every day while work was being done, and sent us pictures of the progress while we were on vacation. For those who want to save money and receive wonderful, personalized service, I highly recommend working with Remya Warrior.